Every organization, business, ministry, and non-profit starts with a dream.  It starts with accepting a God ordained calling to put down your own personal agenda then having enough faith to walk through a door that only He can open.


It was 1989 and DayOne Music founder Darin Scott was entering his final year of college at Lee University in Cleveland, TN.  Although Darin had been actively involved in various bands and music groups during his high school and college years he was preparing for his next challenge……attending Life Chiropractic College in Marrietta, GA.  Never in a million years did he think about doing anything else but becoming a Chiropractor even though God had carefully guided him through opportunity after opportunity without Darin even realizing that God had an entirely different plan for his life.  It was a period of about a month when Darin felt a heavy burden that something just wasn’t right with “his” will for his life.  Being raised in a pastor’s home since he was 4 yrs old Darin was raised up in a Godly home and he knew when God was speaking to him.  This wasn’t an easy time nor was it convenient because after all, Darin knew what he was going to do with his life.  Surely God wouldn’t shake up his world at the last minute would he?  Well, that was 27 years ago and God DID shake up Darin’s world so that he would stop trying to do his will and instead follow God’s will.  Darin knew that God was up to something and it was after several weeks of intense prayer and seeking the face of God to find out God’s plan for his life.  And that is how DayOne would begin.  With a dream.  With a passion to serve.  Darin wasn’t sad about this change at all as anyone with a passion for music and ministry would absolutely love it if God called them to do full-time music instead of going to Chiropractic College.  So all the opportunities that God had provided throughout high school and college were simply Darin’s training for what would become his new calling…….full time music ministry.

DayOne originally started at Lee University under the name PROMISE.  It was summer of 1990 and a few of Darin’s friends started sowing into this new ministry opportunity.  When they needed a trailer to haul their sound equipment and music gear it was a donation of $2,000 that allowed them to purchase a trailer.  Then several weeks before PROMISE would do their first concert they were in dire need of a sound system to travel with.  It would cost approximately $10,000 to get everything they needed.  That was a lot of money and Darin knew it would take a miracle to get the funds raised and equipment purchased before their first concert.  But God is a miracle worker and one day the phone rang and it was an old family friend of Darin’s family saying that God told her to donate $10,000 to help PROMISE get started!  Any doubts that may have crept into Darin’s mind in regards to his new calling were simply washed away when that $10,000 check arrived and PROMISE was officially ready for their first concert.  September 1990 was a defining moment as PROMISE did their first concert at Praise Cathedral in Greer, S.C.  Little did they know that this journey was just beginning and that 27 years later they would still be traveling the world impacting people from all walks of life.

After a year representing Lee University Darin felt like God had something bigger for the group so the decision was made to leave Lee University and branch out on their own.  Darin has always been openly grateful for the opportunity Dr. Paul Conn and Lee University gave the team in their first two years of existence.  To this day the group is a HUGE supporter and promoter of Lee University and in fact many of the DayOne team members have ties to Lee University.  

In 1992 the band changed its name from PROMISE to SOUL’D OUT because Lee University owned the name PROMISE.  It was in 1992 that SOUL’D OUT started getting known in the corporate entertainment market.  This was a venue that they were not familiar with and had only done a handful of corporate dates in their first two years on the road.  SOUL’D OUT had up until this point done mostly churches, youth camps, and church conventions but God was once again about to challenge them to get outside of the normal box that most Christian bands and artists put themselves in.  Darin was a little concerned about singing secular music in addition to their normal worship music but he once again trusted God as He had opened doors so far and Darin knew to enter each door God opened for the team.  Then, in 1994, SOUL’D OUT was invited by the Gospel Music Association to participate in the very first GMA Artist Spotlight competition to be held at the annual GMA Week including the Dove Awards in Nashville, TN.  There were 10 bands/artists who participated in the competition with the winner receiving their very own Christian recording contract with a major label!  So the team was honored to have been chosen amongst the top 10 in the USA but also looked forward to possibly getting a recording contract.  In April of 1994 they performed at the competition but did not win.  The winner of the competition?  A little known group called Jars Of Clay!!!!  The entire crowd, as well as the SOUL’D OUT team, were so impressed with the new sound Jars Of Clay showcased that night and as we all know, Jars Of Clay have become one of the greatest Christian music bands of all time!  The experience of this event continued to launch SOUL’D OUT into more opportunities and venues and it would eventually become a full-time opportunity for the team.  Every week SOUL’D OUT would be performing or ministering in all types of venues and most importantly would see thousands of lives impacted by their music and ministry.

SOUL’D OUT would eventually start traveling the world to more than a dozen countries by the end of the 1990’s and they soon found out that their name was somewhat confusing especially in non-english speaking countries.  When promoters or churches would advertise a SOUL’D OUT concert people would think the concert was actually “sold out” so something needed to be done as soon as possible.  It was in 2002 that SOUL’D OUT would change their name to what it is today…..DayOne.  The meaning behind the name is simple.  Every single day can be the first day for the rest of your life.  God’s grace and love makes it possible to leave your past behind.  If you have failed in business or an opportunity, you can start all over with God’s grace and make today “Day One” for a new life and opportunity!

Over the years DayOne has seen hundreds of thousands of people come to know Christ through their music.  They are NOT just a music group that performs but rather a music group with a heart for missions.  You will always find the team involved in some type of missions project and it is because of that heart for missions that God has continued to bless the team as they are nearing three decades in full-time music ministry.  DayOne has now traveled to more than 20 countries sharing the message of hope in Christ and they continue to be a light to those searching for answers in their life.  

Today DayOne is more than just a music group.  They have multiple teams and just like a large church that has multiple campuses DayOne is one music group that has multiple teams and at any given time can have up to five teams in five different cities or countries singing the same music package that their clients, fans, and supporters have grown to love.   They continue to gain new clients as the word has spread that they are a music group that can adapt and thrive in just about every venue.  They continue to be missions minded and have recently blessed not only the men and women of the armed forces but also those who are in desperate need in places like Haiti, Honduras, and Guatemala.  They don’t anticipate this journey ending anytime soon and in fact the sons and daughters of current and past DayOne team members are looking forward to following the footsteps of their parents.  That is the ultimate blessing….knowing that God took a man wanting to become a Chiropractor and called him to form a ministry that would bless thousands upon thousands worldwide while also training and preparing singers and musicians for full-time music ministry opportunities.  God is good and DayOne knows that everything they have done and will do in the future is all because of His hand upon their lives.  The best is yet to come!