DayOne Team Member

April 3rd


Beyond our plans, beyond our own abilities, beyond our failures, beyond our own God-given talents, above and beyond anything we could ask or even imagine. God has a plan for each of us, to rise above the ashes and to live powerfully for Him.

Anthony is no stranger to Christian music. The Dove nominated male vocalist has been traveling for 21 years in ministry. He has sung and toured with many of Gospel music’s most recognized names and he even enjoyed being a part of the well-known Gaither tour on several occasions. Anthony also formed the group Beyond The Ashes in 2006, sang tenor and managed the group till 2014. He is a singer’s singer. His incredible tenor voice is revered as one of the best in the industry. This is an opinion, not just shared by fans, but also, by industry peers. Anthony’s heart, though, is what really sets him apart. He is deeply committed to his calling. He would rather see someone sincerely touched by the music than be recognized for his gifts. In his free time, which is pretty infrequent, Anthony loves to get in a good work out at the gym, or just sit down and have coffee with friends. Anthony shares, “I started out as a child singing in church and then with my family. Every week I would record Paul Heil's program, The Gospel Greats, and I would listen to those tapes over and over. I always knew that I was supposed to be in full time ministry and God saw fit to open that door in 1993.” In addition to being an incredible vocal artist, Anthony also enjoys writing music. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and now makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Anthony has an exuberant love, respect, and admiration for Christian music. Anthony life is dedicated to reaching out with a fresh new zeal and passion for those who desire a closer relationship with the Lord.  Anthony’s talent opens the door for him to convey several styles and genres of music with one common denominator: it is music that speaks to the heart of the listener. It is music for the church. “My vision is big,” Anthony states. “My desire is to blend musical styles and offer something for everyone. I want to constantly be evolving and doing new things. You can never limit God. I remember the first time I took the stage as a solo artist. I could not believe how God orchestrated every aspect. It’s kind of funny how some people may think when you become a Christian the road gets easier. It’s not true. The devil has thrown so many things in my path, but I have come out even a greater man of God because of it. It’s the great commission that remains the driving force behind what I am called to do. I love people and I am so excited to be getting out there again to reveal my passion in an even more marvelous way to the people for the cause of Christ.”

So many people carry the ashes of their failures in their “spiritual pockets.” Anthony brings music that empties those pockets and fills them up with God’s love. Love is the greatest commandment. It lifts the downtrodden, puts the broken back together, and most especially restores hope. Love is the motivation behind the ministry of this powerful man of God.