The DayOne team is proud and honored to support the missions listed below!

Hope For Haiti

Since the devastating earthquake left many orphaned children, Hope for Haiti helps build, maintain, and bring hope to a portion of the more than 300,000 orphans. 

Currently, DayOne is building an orphanage about an hour outside of Port au Prince, in a small town called Grand Goave. This facility will eventually be a home to over 100 precious children and caring staff members. The facility will include a kitchen, recreation area, dorms, and a fresh water treatment system. The site will mirror what is currently up and running across the island in Jacmel.

There have been so many amazing stories of hope and courage  associated with the Hope for Haiti project, and DayOne looks forward to create even more!

Hope for Haiti was founded by DayOne with the Christian band Audio Adrenaline.


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A celebrated Nashville event benefitting the Navy SEALs and those who are retiring who need help adjusting to normal life after combat.






The Noel Project reaches out to the inner city and underprivileged and provides items such as food, clothing, toys, bicycles, and other necessities to needy families.

After every Noel Project, we have a team of individuals who continue to visit these families to pray and provide counseling. We have seen many come to know Christ and become involved in the local church because they have experienced the "extended hand of Christ" through this event.



Our Because Of  The Brave mission program was originally designed to help our servicemen and women adjust to life while on active duty. This mission program blessed many with materials and supplies (such as Bibles, devotionals, and music) while on active duty and we have been able to provide Godly counseling to those who struggled in their marriage upon return from active duty. While DayOne is still active in assisting those in need as originally planned, we have now transitioned over to also helping our Warriors who have served or actively serve in our US Special Forces such as Navy SEALs and Army Rangers. Please see our Warrior Weekend section above for more information. If you are active military or retired military and need counseling in your marriage, DayOne can assist you in an extremely private and confidential manner. Just know that we are here to assist you but we cannot do anything unless you reach out to us with your needs. We are extremely grateful for your service and pray that god will give you strength and wisdom as you walk with him daily. GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.!!!


Originally DayOne's Seeds Of Hope mission project was based primarily out of two areas in Central America. Tegucigalpa, Honduras and Antigua, Guatemala. Both locations ministered to young kids who grew up in either one parent homes or were orphaned at a young age. The children were given a hot meal every day (for many, it is the ONLY hot meal they get), daily Bible study, an education, and regular check ups by local doctors and nurses. Since this program began, DayOne has literally helped thousands of young kids find HOPE through the Love of God shown through an amazing staff of men and women who answered the call to serve. Seeds Of Hope has now expanded to allow DayOne to serve where the need is greatest such as our recent work in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. It is through this program that DayOne is now offering people from around the U.S. and Canada to take mission trips to serve in various capacities around the world. Currently the greatest need is Haiti so if you would be interested in organizing a team of 5 - 25 people to go serve then please contact us for more information.  You will often hear people say "my life was changed" or "we have no idea how blessed we are" after serving those in need through our Seeds Of Hope program. Why not make that your testimony? We look forward to hearing from you soon!