DayOne Team Member

june 6


My favorite thing about being a part of the DayOne team is simply spending time with the rest of the team. DayOne is so much more than music and entertainment for me, it’s a family. I’m so grateful to work with such selfless and passionate people.

Born on June 6, 1980, and raised in metro Detroit, Michigan, I grew up listening to a steady dose of Motown.  Old school R&B and Gospel music really formed the foundation for me as an artist today.  I first started singing in church as a little boy.  I had lots of opportunities there in choirs, worship teams, and even a Christian rock band.

Singing in church also brought me opportunities to sing in lots of weddings.  Not too long after high school, I was approached by a member of my church who also was the band leader for a successful, local wedding band.  For the next eight years, I sang at more wedding receptions than I can count.  It gave me a lot of great experience performing music that I have loved all my life.

In 2009, I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue more opportunities in music.  I was blessed with a son (Nolan) in January of 2010 and my priorities shifted.  Pursuing my own music definitely took a back seat to raising a baby.  So, I tried to get involved with small projects for our new church, and other artists in town.  It became increasingly clear to me that I needed to focus on writing my own music if I was going to be truly fulfilled as an artist.

So, I started work on a couple songs in early 2012.  In the middle of finally creating some music, I was given a new opportunity in Boulder, Colorado.  Being at the base of the Rocky Mountains was definitely not what I pictured for myself, and my music.  Living in Colorado, however, gave me more time to focus on my original material, while also allowing me to travel and sing with The group, DayOne.  My introduction to the CrossFit community while in Boulder was another life changing experience that I value greatly. During the spring of 2015, I was able to record an additional 5 song EP which I released in June of 2016.  I have recently moved again, this time to Los Angeles, in an effort to once again pursue the dream of making music.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to work on a number of live worship recordings, various recording sessions, and live gigs. I’ve worked with a number of artists over the years including Drew Cline, All Sons and Daughters, and Michael W. Smith. One of my favorite gigs was a worship project we recorded at my home church in Rochester, Michigan. Iconic bass player, Abe Laboriel, was playing on the project. I remember him taking a solo during one of the live sets, and proceeding to jump around the entire stage worshipping while he played one of the most incredible solos I’ve ever heard. It was amazing to witness his greatness as a bass player, but also his heart for the Lord.

Another one of my favorite gigs was playing the wedding of one of Mike Illitch’s sons at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. Mr. Illitch owns the theatre, Little Caesar’s Pizza, the Detroit Tigers, and the Detroit Red Wings. So, as you can imagine, the wedding was pretty incredible. Ice sculptures, celebrities, and a great band (of course). It was so much fun to be a part of. I grew up listening to a lot of gospel and R&B music. So, I tend to appreciate soul based music the most. Some of my favorite artists include Allen Stone, Emily King, Bernhoft, Musiq Soulchild, D’Angelo, Mark Broussard, and The Roots. I listen to a lot of music from various genres. I love supporting great music by going to live shows. I’ve been to hundreds of concerts, and I’m always adding to the list.

You can check out my music on my website and download my latest EP called "Love Lost" on itunes.