DayOne Team Member

june 25


My favorite thing about being a part of the DayOne team is the people I sing with and the people we meet when we travel. It's been such a blessing.

Stephanie Alison is an extremely talented vocalist and songwriter. Her love of music began at a very early age, growing up in a house filled with music. Her father traveled with a gospel group, and soon thereafter became a music minister of a multi-cultural, cutting edge growing church, which exposed Stephanie to several musical styles. This exposure, and the influence from many visiting music groups from all over the country, has greatly influenced Stephanie’s own unique personal style.

From an early age, Stephanie knew what she was called to do, and as a young teenager, was leading worship for her church youth group, a group filled with extraordinary talent including recording artist, Devin Webb, of “Neale and Webb”, and Matt Hammitt, former lead singer of Sanctus Real.

Stephanie’s talent was soon recognized by traveling recording artist, “Mirror Image,” and as a result, did a six month tour with them. During this time, she began songwriting with a friend, Brandon Fraley, (who went on to collaborate with successful artists such as, Gretchen Wilson, Carrie Underwood, Danny Gokey & Two Story Road). By her early twenties, Stephanie had a position as a Music Director and also began traveling as a solo artist, collaborating and recording with several other independent artists. Over a period of two years, Stephanie grew as an artist, crossing into a diversity of genres. Singing songs ranging from Pop, Rock, Southern Gospel, Black Gospel, and Country, to Praise and Worship. Soon after, she went on to join a worship team and recorded several praise and worship albums including one with Grammy award winning artist, Israel Houghton. She recorded with the group, “Reign”, along with Opera/Jazz artists, Sedalia Brown and Rebecca Vasser, as well as the Award Winning Composer, Jazz Artist, Leah Williams. They have recorded their music under the direction of Gospel Producer, Leroy Lewis for UBU Records.

Stephanie has lent her vocals to two Integrity music projects. She has joined with “Soul Venture”, in the making of the album, “Down Home Country”, and recorded her album “The Dream is Still Alive”, collaborating with Dove Award Nominated Derick Thomas in songwriting, which included the title track. She is a featured vocalist on Eric Mayo & Friends song, “Celebrate”, which topped the Gospel charts (2014). Stephanie was invited to join DayOne, founded by friend Darin Scott, and continues to travel with them, as well as singing as a solo artist for many platforms, including anything from leading worship at a church, to charity events and benefit concerts all over the country. She has recently completed the first single, “Purify Me”, co-written by Robert Costa of the group “Driven Wind”, for her second solo album. She is excited to be working in the studio, with her brother (and Musical Director) Bo McGee, collaborating together on this project.

Stephanie married the love of her life, Brian in 2004, and they have two beautiful boys, Timothy (10) and Christopher (8), and live in southern Michigan.